Wall Pepper combines high tech and old fashion value.

We believe when others look down we want you to look up.

We think it is time to put your pictures and their stories back into the real world.

Wall Pepper uses a crazy easy web site to allow you to build simple wall decals with your pictures. We use superfast digital printing technology to print them on a durable canvas fabric that has a high tech removable adhesive. Your Wall Peppers arrive within days of ordering and they are easy to slap up on your wall without nails, or tape or frames. We do this all for a really fair price.

The world of pictures has changed dramatically. Worldwide the human race takes over 800 billion pictures a year! That’s a lot of pictures! Unfortunately, most pictures never leave the confines of our computers, tablets or smart phones. So sharing your pictures requires everyone to put their heads down and look at a screen. It’s a little bit sad and really impersonal. But with Wall Pepper you can put your beautiful pictures up on the wall and have your friend’s look up and say – wow!

Pictures are the oldest form of story telling. From cave paintings to the Sistine Chapel we have always used pictures to tell a story and share it with others in a beautiful way. Today our social media buzzes with picture story telling in the virtual world, but we believe we have lost some of the story telling fun pictures give us in the real world. That’s why we invented Wall Pepper, because we think your pictures and their stories belong in the real world. So use your pictures to decorate your cave or create your chapel and pepper your place.